Monday, April 11, 2011

mumbo jumbo...

turmoil brings out the best words.  at times, it can also silence them.  a gift and a curse.  I never quite understood the meaning until recently.  A gift that can be shared and give/bring joy to ourselves and others.  the curse is the pain and suffering that must be endured to bring about joy.  Not sure it's worth it.  Right now at this moment, I can't be sure that the outcome will be as sweet because I may not be the same after THIS is over.  After this storm, once the page turns, when the story ends, when I grow up.   Be still they said. Wait and be silent. Be aggressive. Don't hold back.  GO for it.  Contradictory statements to me.  But anything is better than the in between.  Like purgatory.  What have I committed in the past life?  It couldn't have been THAT bad.  Perception is everything.  Another concept I have come to understand.  I don't know how to change what is.  Just because I say it isn't doesn't make it different.  I wonder if anyone can understand this mumbo jumbo besides me?  Question of the year.    

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