Saturday, July 9, 2011


If you made plans to sacrifice and you've sacrificed....and more obstacles came your way- making life even more difficult....oh well.  PUSH.  You have no choice. Rev Run tweeted yesterday: you have to be committed to making life work.  DAMN.  That was my immediate response.  Because I feel I am as committed as I can be....but there is always more to do, different choices to make, new goals to set, a greater plan to devise.  Being committed means not giving up.  When things are hard and they get harder, often times- based on our character- we can find, muster the strength to push forward, regain control and work for the success we want.  It's when things become unfairly difficult that we question our actions in regard to trying.  Unfair.  Where did this word come from. When circumstances are out of your control. Unfair.  When those circumstances affect your progress. Unfair.  When you followed the rules, created the opportunities, moved from your comfort zone, bit off more than you could chew (and kept chewing) and were fair to others and you were treated unfairly.  Kicked while your were down, taken advantage of, lied to, abused...Unfair?!  Oh well. Life won't stop nor wait for you to get over it.  This is the truth.  When you have no one to help you and it is JUST YOU. It will still be unfair. Ultimately, you will need to correct for what has happened to you. YOU. These are the cards your were's your choice to win with them.  If there is no option to fail...then you won't. However, you may find yourself re-defining the meaning of winning.  #letswin #letgoletGOD

P.S.  this is still some bullsh** *angry face* uuuggggghhhhhh.

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  1. u are so right. you just need to push harder everyday and make it work some how. love ur blog and love reading your posts...