Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My heart dances.  It literally dances in my chest.   Looking at him fills me to the very top.  I love him so much.  Everything about him.  His walk. Confident but not arrogant.  His eyes….black pearls and so very beautiful.   When he looks at me I know he can see everything.   He knows me. ME.  Completes my thoughts when I haven’t yet spoken.  When he holds me.   An extinguisher couldn’t put out that fire.   His hands are strong for me.  Soft on me.  I love him and I can’t stop.  I hope I don’t have to.  Because I won’t be able to.  What I feel for him is deeper than anything I have ever felt.  A connection so solid and real.  We feel. Together.  Indescribable.  Something no one could ever explain.  You can’t be told of love.  You can only experience this.  LOVE.   I am in awe of it.  I thank GOD for it. Because without HIS love, this would not exist.  Only GOD given.  For me. To me.  For us.  I'm in love.

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