Thursday, December 9, 2010


Sad lips and sad words.  But only because of the sad heart which sat unhealed inside of her chest.  Decidedly unable to overcome what circumstances had created, a world became, and only for her.  But no one was there. No one she could be vulnerable to nor anyone who she could love. Only hangers on, haters and false ones.  People who would never see her point of view. Those who would always disagree.  Those who would consistently disappoint.  And it served a purpose.  No tug at a sad heart. No risk of   caring. No reason to question motives. Tears met her fingertips but to her they were tears of a stranger.  There was no crying in this world.  Anonymous screams and silent begging would never make it inside this world.  Neither would joy, smiles, or the warm tingle of excitement.  Is the pain worth the pain? In the name of living...or dying. 

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