Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well we made it.  MADE it into a new year.  2010 is now over and I can say it has been choc-full of events happy sad good and bad. Still, the blessings flow to me from GOD.  I am thankful, grateful, and poised for what's to come.  Unexpected but solicited advice has me in a new place. A new frame of mind.  Well not so much new as no longer dormant.  The new year means new things!  For some, it's just another year.  For me, it's another chance to be fabulous. To be great. To try and to succeed.  Whatever comes along with that is dealt with accordingly.  Of course, one may evolve throughout the year.  Anytime, anyplace.  But there is something fresh about January 1st.  It offers something January 2nd can't.  On January 2nd, the past begins but Jan 1st you can start again.  Mistakes, miscalculations and errors are history.  A part of the legacy of YOU.  I feel like mistakes made in 2010 are corrected in 2010.  They are addressed (or not) and consequences, results and responses are true and real in 2010. BUT in 2011, they are all in the past.  It's been done, dealt with and dismissed.  Any residual effects are now opportunities to grow or forget.  You choose. You decide. You LIVE.  Spinning wheels, guessing at life or wishing for what isn't BECOMES anything possible.  Your strength is again determined on January 1st . Your zest for life is renewed on January 1st. Your sorrows are thrown away at midnight.  It is beautiful -at least for that day.  Reality is now on January 1st.  So do it right.  Make great choices and have better follow through.  Love differently. Heal. Be better. Be the best.

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