Monday, November 29, 2010


We locked eyes. A smile began and lingered on his lips. Soon, that same smile found mine.  I looked away embarrassed by my attraction.  I looked again, unwilling to deny my intentions.  He rose from his seat across the room.  I stood motionless. Paralyzed by need.  I imagined if I moved I may wake up from this dream. I stared unashamedly passion-filled.  Stubbornly waiting for him to arrive.  And he did.  Without words, his hand at the small of my back led me into a private affair.  A gentle caress. Fingertips at the base of my neck.  A subtle thumb against my lips.  A shiver down my spine concluded his lips upon mine.  Mind-bending.  Lips parting- for loves sake.  Swirling love like no other.  I was all that mattered to him.  Powerfully, distinctly he made me his.  I’m the one he chose deliberately and forever.   No one else in the world existed, not even me.  Just him and his radiance.   I disappeared into another world where we were the only heart.  I believe his kiss.  I know his love.  The tighter his grasp, the lovelier I became.  What felt like hours in his arms were mere moments at dusk.  The sun has set. Our love established.  Sealed with a kiss.

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