Wednesday, November 24, 2010


unwillingly i ran to the window because i had to watch my misery up close. i didn't know it would shock the breath from my lungs as it had. he left without a word. only a look that i had read on his face many times before. a look that conveyed love lost and none returned. surely my true heart could recognize a false one so there must be an alternate ending. that's the reason i had to watch. i had to see something different in his eyes than what was there before the door slammed and he walked out of my life. i became lightheaded from holding my breath and finally let out a deep sigh. he looked down at his hands. he was texting or dialing from his cell. i quickly glanced at my phone sitting on the coffee table, non-vibrating and without sound. did he change his mind? why doesn't he just come back to the front door? he knows. he KNOWS I'll let him in. All the way back in. the lights flashed across his face which showed a blank and emotionless expression. not once looking back toward me as I peeked through the window. he smiled wide with a small laugh. the headlights paused. she unlocked the doors he jumped in the passenger seat they drove off. together. i said good-bye to my heart.

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