Monday, November 29, 2010


I love you but I can’t tell you how much.  It’s my secret.  You’re not mine.  I love you more than myself and I know that’s toxic. But without you is like poison to my body. Is there a difference?  I feel like I would die. If you weren’t here with me. I feel like life would be misery and torment.  Hell on earth.  Without you. No eating no sleeping barely breathing.  Should I try? Try to give you away? Back to her?  How could I betray myself? Physically aching to touch you. How can I possibly willingly let go of my love?   I would rather risk the pain of never being us just to have you as long as I can. As long as you decide I am worthy.  I’ve made you my god and discarded my faith. Only for you to kiss me one more time.  Only for you to tell me good bye.  Simply for the nothing I am left with.  It’s ok. I will die after you’re gone. So I won’t feel a thing.  In reality, I am already dead.

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