Monday, November 29, 2010


I don’t have to be who you want me to be.  I am myself.  And I don’t understand your problem with that.  You want to hurt me. You want me to suffer. You want to see me unravel and broken-spirited.  You want me to be unhappy and unfulfilled. Why is this?  Try taking a look in the mirror.  Write down what you see.  You’re ashamed.  You’re surprised.  You are in tears.  Cry for what you have grown to hate about what you see. Cry for the sadness that dwells in your heart.  Scream out for that young child hurt and alone and Stop. Picking. On. Me.  Stop trying to turn me into that hurt child. Stop tearing at my self-esteem so it will match yours.  Stop hating me because of who you are not.  Life wasn’t fair to you so you won’t be fair to it.  You won’t heal. You won’t feel better. You won’t prosper.  You won’t love.   However, you will wonder what happiness tastes like.   You will long for an unbroken heart. You will desire after fearless nights and joy –filled days.  You will never break me. You will never make me into who you are.  I am stronger. No apologies.  I am wiser through no fault of yours.  I was here when no one else was.  And now I am gone just like everyone else.   

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